[R] Exporting data

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Fri Jul 11 11:51:38 CEST 2003

	  Do you want "write(..., append=TRUE)"?

	  If not, please provide a toy problem that shows clearly what you 
thought should work and why it is not satisfactory.  You are more likely 
to get what you want from this list if someone else can pick up your 
scrap of code and try something in 30 seconds than if it takes them 10 
minutes to figure out what you are even asking.  Please also include the 
version of R you are using under which operating system.

hope this helps.  spencer graves

C.E.Marshall wrote:
> Dear All
> I am a new user to R and so I have a question which I hope you can help me 
> with.
> I am running simulations calculating correlation coefficients from bivariate 
> data and I was wondering whether there is a way of exporting 1000 simulation 
> results from R to a text file or to another file for further manipulation. I 
> am having difficulty I think because of the text combined in with the 
> numerical results.
> Many Thanks
> Carolyn Marshall
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