[R] Help with R Installation on Debian 2.2.19 (old stable/potato)

Jameson C. Burt jameson at coost.com
Thu Jul 10 19:50:59 CEST 2003

I have avoided crossing Debian versions 
(eg, installing woody packages over a Debian potato distribution) 
unless I do a full upgrade to, eg, woody.
However, R was and is available for the Debian potato version, 
but it is version 0.90.
If you would be satisfied with that version, and I got good use out of
that version, and even out of the earlier version 0.61,
try an ordinary Debian package insallation with "apt".
   apt-get update	#updates available Debian packages
   apt-get install   r-base
This adds any necessary libraries, but only libraries consistent
with the Debian potato version.
It presumes you already have a working  /etc/apt/sources.list , eg, with a line like
   deb http://debian.rutgers.edu   potato   main contrib non-free

Alternatively, you can get this potato package directly at
looking for packages beginning with  "r-".
For example, you could
   cd /tmp
   wget  http://debian.rutgers.edu/dists/potato/main/binary-i386/math/r-base_0.90.1-2.deb
   dpkg -i  r-base_0.90.1-2.deb

In the next version of Debian, woody, all the following package names are available,
but not in potato. 
You should be able to install (dpkg -i package-name.deb) 
documentation packages like  "r-doc-pdf" from
later Debian versions into you potato version,
but you can also get that documentation directly from R's webpages.
   * r-gnome         Gnome gui for statistical computing system
     r-mathlib       standalone mathematics library
     r-recommended   collection of recommended packages
     r-base-dev      installation of auxiliary GNU R packages
     r-base-html     html docs for statistical computing system functions
     r-base-latex    LaTeX docs for statistical computing system functions
     r-doc-html      html manuals for statistical computing system
     r-doc-info      info manuals statistical computing system
     r-doc-pdf       pdf manuals for statistical computing system

On Thu, Jul 10, 2003 at 10:47:58AM -0500, Shashank Bhide wrote:
> Hi all,
>    I hope this is the correct list to post such a question.
> I was trying to install the R-project on Debian and encountered significant 
> problems with the same.
>   The main problem is the installation of the libc6 package. I need this 
> package in order to install the R-core package. However, the libc6 is 
> dependent on the libdb1-compat package, which just refuses to install on my 
> server.
>   I tried to install it yesterday and it ended up crashing my system and 
> messing up the old Apache. Does anyone have a procedure to install 
> R-project on Debian linux?
> The libdb1-compat package version is 2.1.3-7 and the libc6 is 2.3.1-17

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