[R] Quasi AIC

Henric Nilsson hennil at statisticon.se
Fri Jul 4 19:24:27 CEST 2003

Dear all,

Using the quasibinomial and quasipoisson families results in no AIC being
calculated. However, a quasi AIC has actually been defined by Lebreton et al
(1992). In the (in my opinon, at least) very interesting book by Burnham and
Anderson (1998,2002) this QAIC (and also QAICc) is covered. Maybe this is something
that could be implemented in R.

Take a look at page 23 in this pdf:


Lebreton, J-D et al. (1992) Modeling Survival and Testing Biological Hypotheses
Using Marked Anomals: A Unified Approach with Case Studies. Ecological Monographs,
62(1), 67-118.

Burnham, K.P. & Anderson, D.R. (2002) Model Selection and Multi-Model Inference - A
Practical Information-Theroretic Approach (2nd Ed). Springer Verlag.


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