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Lots of questions!  Kriging in geostatistics software often uses rather 
peculiar approximations to the exact theory, and `data' cannot be
anisotropic (but models can).

There is kriging in packages spatial, sgeostat and fields, at least, as a 
quick look at the FAQ would have shown you.

It is unlikely that an R package will provide you with C/C++ code that is 
independent, but some are based on such code.  If you want independent 
code, you should look elsewhere (e.g. GSLIB).

On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Yan Yu wrote:

> Hi, all,
>    Have anyone used kringing included in R?  How is it?
> Does it handle anisotropy data well?
> How does it compare with Kriging in Arc/Info? or other geostatistics
> software customized to do kriging or other geostatistics functions?
> I tried Easykriging, a geostatistics tool developed for Matlab. It has
> very nice GUI, but it does not provide library which i can call in my programs.
> so it is good for doing it mannually for small number of data set. but if
> i have large number of data set, and i want to automate the kriging
> process for those data set, Does anyone have good recommendation on what
> software to use?  something that can be called in c/c++ code(or matlab)
> and freeware:) is preferred..
> Thanks a lot in advance for any input.
> yan
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