[R] building R1.6.2 from source (windows2k)

Christian Schulz ozric at web.de
Tue Jan 14 10:10:04 CET 2003


what's wrong in my compiling procedure ?

make bitmapdll
make tcl
make docs (..first i get the error message for Latex3.0 so that i'm update
my miktex installation, after this doing again i'm getting no error !)

After  "make  docs" i should
change directory to   R-1.6.2/doc  and  type:

C:\Rcompile\R-1.6.2\doc>make -f Makefile.win info
make: Makefile.win: No such file or directory
make: *** No rule to make target `Makefile.win'.  Stop.

Rgui.exe works, but the "packages-html-help" files are corrupt !?

many thanks for suggestions

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