[R] Elements of a character vector in different colours?

Pfaff, Bernhard Bernhard.Pfaff at drkw.com
Thu Jan 9 16:23:03 CET 2003

Dear R-List,

is it possible to format elements of a character vector in different colors
and how would this be achieved?

Suppose, you have a model for forecasting purposes. Beside the forecast
[variable: 'forecast' in the example below] a forecast interval is also
computed [variable: 'int' in the example below. The forecast should now be
translated in verbal terms if the forecast interval is below or above a
certain threshold value [in the example below, this value is set to 50]. 
After evaluation the object text should be formatted in either "green", or
"red", or "black".
outcome <- c("positive","negative","neutral")
forecast <- 60
int <- c(55,65)
text <- outcome[3]
text[forecast > 50 & int[1] > 50] <- outcome[1]
text[forecast < 50 & int[2] < 50] <- outcome[2]

I tried the following

outcome <- c("positive","negative","neutral")[col=c("green","red","black"]

without success, i.e. three times "na" formatted in green is returned. I did
also check the former help-emails without finding any pointers to solve my
As a side note: the object 'text' will be used in the supplementary package
R2HTML. I want to avoid programming the conditional colouring with ASP by
reading in an ascii-file that holds the value of 'text' and hence not using
R2HTML at all.

R: 1.61
OS: Windows NT

Any help or hints are warmly appreciated.


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