[R] exporting graphs

Marc Schwartz MSchwartz at medanalytics.com
Thu Jan 9 15:17:02 CET 2003

Jesús Fernández Gálvez wrote:
> Dear all,
> Could you please give me an idea of how to export graphs from R to a
> word processor? I normally use Microsoft Word for writing but when
> trying to put graphs from R on the documents the quality get very low. I
> have tried both, copy and paste into Word (bitmap and metafile), and
> save the graph (I have tried all different formats) and then import the
> file into the text document, but the quality in both case is too low.
> How can I keep the quality of my R graphs?
> I am currently using R 1.6.1.
> Many thanks,
> Jesus

I have had consistent success in copying R graphics as a metafile (right 
mouse click over the plot window) and pasting into both Word and Power 
Point when under Windows XP.  I use R 1.6.1 under both Windows and RH 8.

The bitmap option of course tends to not resize well if you need to do 
this in your document, so the metafile format tends to be a better choice.

When you say that the quality is low, are you referring to what you see 
on the screen or what you get from a printer as output?

If the latter, you may need a better printer.

I use an Okidata 7400n color LED, which does 1200 x 1200 and get great 
results when printing R graphics under both Windows and Linux configured 
as a PostScript device.

Not sure if that helps, but I can vouch for getting high quality 
graphics from R.


Marc Schwartz

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