[R] tcltk tkfilefind demo problem

apjaworski@mmm.com apjaworski at mmm.com
Fri Apr 25 03:38:19 CEST 2003

Hi everyone,

I wonder if anybody observed the crash of the tkfilefind demo.  I looked
into the code and it seems to crash executing

        dirtree<-tkwidget(base, "hierarchy_dir",
                          selectmode=if(multiple) "multiple" else "browse")

with the following error message

Error in structure(.External("dotTcl", ..., PACKAGE = "tcltk"), class
= "tclObj") :
        [tcl] megawidget initialization error: expected integer but got "

I have a fresh binary install of 1.7.0 on Win2000 machine.  I observed this
behavior with the Tcl library included with R and with ActiveTcl 8.4.2 I
just installed.  I think I have it set-up correctly: my TCL_LIBRARY and
MY_TCLTK both point to c:/Tcl where I installed ActiveTcl.  I also have
c:/Tcl/bin on my path - to avoid possible interference with cygwin Tcl I
have the following in my Rprofile:


I can run the other demos successfully.  I also just ran all the examples
posted recently by James Wettenhall with no problems.

Any comments will be welcome.  Thanks in advance,


Andy Jaworski
Engineering Systems Technology Center
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St. Paul, MN 55144-1000
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