[R] bca ci's and NaN's in boot.out

Katalin Csillery csillery at selway.umt.edu
Thu Apr 24 22:46:09 CEST 2003

Dear All,

I am trying to use the bca.ci function on a boot.out object which consists
a few NaN's and I want to ignore those NaN's, and get a ci
only for the "normal" values. 
boot.out$t has R number of values for 3000 different statistics, so when I
use boot.ci(boot.out, index=i) and i happens to be a column in boot.out$t
with some NaN's in there I get an error message. I tried na.omit for the
problematic columns, but bca.ci needs a boot.out object so I cannot feed
in a single column. The number of NaN's varies, and for some statistics 
there isn't any.

Interestingly the standard errors that the boot() calculates and returns
there is an automatic NA exclusion.
(A side question, in S+ the se's are saved in boot.out$statistics$SE, but
in R boot.out I couldn't find them. Are they saved somewhere in boot.out?)

Any idea would be greatly appreaciated!


Katalin Csillery
Division of Biological Sciences
University of Montana, Missoula MT 59801
Phone: 406 243 6106, E-mail: csillery at selway.umt.edu

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