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Frank E Harrell Jr fharrell at virginia.edu
Wed Apr 23 12:42:19 CEST 2003

I am presenting two courses in Philadelphia in May-June organized by Insightful Corporation.  These courses have hands-on workshops and have received excellent reviews from past participants (let me know if you want to see the reviews from previous years' courses).  Both courses are applicable to S-Plus and R users.  The second course covers regression modeling methods that are of interest to those who don't use either statistical computing package.
S-Plus for Statistical Data Analysis and Graphics: May 28-30

This course covers data manipulation and overviews the use of S for bootstrapping, simulation, and sample size/power calculations.  General elements of constructing good graphics (with much reference to the work of Bill Cleveland) are covered after presenting a series of graphical horrors, and exploratory data analysis and Trellis/Lattice graphics are emphasized.  LaTeX, advanced statistical table making, statistical reporting, and reproducible research are covered briefly.  Many functions from the Hmisc library are covered.  For a full course description see http://www.insightful.com/services/course.asp?CID=26
Regression Modeling Strategies: June 2-4

This course emphasizes statistical modeling methodology from my book Regression Modeling Strategies (Springer, 2001) and has workshops using the Design library.
Some of the key topics covered are how and where to "spend" degrees of freedom, data reduction, multiple imputation of missing predictor variables, relaxing nonlinearity assumptions, hazards of stepwise variable selection, handling interactions, model validation, and graphically displaying complex regression models.  A full course description may be found at http://www.insightful.com/services/course.asp?CID=27

To Register:	- Web: http://www.insightful.com/services/register.asp
		- Email: kkelly at insightful.com
		- Call Kim Kelly at: 800-569-0123 x278
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