[R] graph problems with r-1.7.0 on debian (woody)

sung-youn.kim@stonybrook.edu sung-youn.kim at stonybrook.edu
Thu Apr 17 21:44:06 CEST 2003


I installed r-1.7.0 from the source on Debian. For some reasons,
connections to X seems to be broken. Simply, graphs do not show up
without any warning or error messages. 

I configured the sources --with-x before I installed it. Any hints?

One other thing. I tried to uninstall r-1.7.0 using 

make uninstall 

(with r-1.6.2 remaining in the system). When I call R,
r-1.7.0 rather than r-1.6.2 is still brought up. How can I completely
uninstall r-1.7.0?   


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