[R] References of R in use (SHORT SUMMARY)

Jan_Svatos@eurotel.cz Jan_Svatos at eurotel.cz
Tue Apr 15 11:16:04 CEST 2003

Dear R-list,

about one month back I posted here a question/idea that it would be nice to
some list of references of R in use plus some other "marketing" arguments
for R to promote it.

Thanks for all your responses.
I was given useful responses from Armin Roehrl, Jim Lemon, Edith Hodgen,
Ko-Kang Kevin Wang,
Charles Berry, Martin Maechler, Spencer Graves, Paul Gilbert, Adelchi
Azzalini and Matthew Wiener.
(I am sorry If I have omitted someone,but I checked the responses

I think that at least three ideas in the responses are really worth futher
A response from Martin Maechler including the bash command which gives the
list of domains,
from Kevin Wang (his idea that list of domains contains lot of ISP domains
is true)
and a response from Charles Berry stating that "R-team of developers
includes many of the
heaviest hitters in statistical computing".

>From Charles Berry's response:
"(R-developers) include John Chambers (winner of the ACM award for software
Brian Ripley (author of best selling books on statistical computing), and
Luke Tierney (author of LISP-STAT). The team includes many of the heaviest
hitters in statistical computing."

I would only add citation from R homepage:
"R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It
is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment
which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent
Technologies) by John Chambers and colleagues.
R can be considered as a different implementation of S. "

Domains list:
After download of list from R web site (saved as r_help_lists.txt),

# following gives the domains lists, 2nd and 3rd sed substitutions get rid
off unwanted HTML tags
sed 's/.* at //;s/<\/a>//;s/)<\/em>//' r_help_lists.txt | sort | uniq >
# not very elegant way to obtain domains of states and com, edu,...but it
sed 's/\.[^\.]*$/yyyy&/;s/.*yyyy\.//'  r_help_domains.txt | sort | uniq -c
> r_help_states.txt

Resulting file r_help_states inludes 64 rows. (Note: "my" list may differ
from list by Martin Maechler).

cat r_help_states.txt

     2      ae
      1     ar
     12     at
     59     au
     11     be
      1     bo
     23     br
     37     ca
     31     ch
      1     cn
      2     co
    228     com
      1     cu
      8     cz
    100     de
     18     dk
      1     ec
    178     edu
      1     eg
     38     es
     16     fi
      1     fk
      3     fm
     47     fr
     22     gov
      3     gr
      1     hk
      1     hr
      4     hu
      1     id
      4     ie
      1     il
      3     in
      1     is
     23     it
     54     jp
      1     kg
      2     kr
      1     lb
      3     lt
      3     mil
      1     mw
      4     mx
      1     my
     40     net
     15     nl
     13     no
     19     nz
     32     org
      4     pl
     15     pt
      3     ru
      1     sa
     12     se
      3     sg
      1     si
      5     sk
      2     sn
      1     th
      2     tw
     74     uk
      4     us
      2     ve
      4     za

This list shows, among others, that R is being used at all continents....


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