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On 05-Apr-03 Jonathan Baron wrote:
> On 04/05/03 09:01, Fredrik Lundgren wrote:
>>In S-Plus Windows you can transform graphics to Powerpoint very
>>easily, in R Windows you can use enhanced metafiles (.emf) and
>>Powerpoint almost as easy. Is there a simular way with R in
>>Linux to transform to the presentation program in StarOffice or
>>OpenOffice or are you stuck with the pdf device?
> This isn't really an answer.  But for an ordinary talk - without
> movies or audio - I have made pdf slides with Latex, including
> eps output from R, like this:
> [...]

Tottering dinosaurs like myself will perhaps appreciate the following,
but it is also worth attention from more recently evolved individuals.

As well as LaTeX, don't forget good old Unix troff -- or, rather, its
re-incarnation as GNU groff. As well as troff's long-established
capability to import EPS files (the output format of postscript() in R), 
groff is now capable of colours and, using the \X'ps: exec <code>'
passthrough to the PS postprocessor, can incorprate "PDFmark" tags.

The resulting PS file can be converted to PDF using any good converter
(Acrobat Distiller works beautifully, of course, and recent versions
of ghostscript -- 'ps2pdf' command -- also implement PDFmarks well;
see also Frank Siegert's "PStill" program).

PDFmarks in effect convert a PDF document into a HyperText document
when viewed using Acrobat Reader (recent versions of "xpdf" also work
well), with embedded links/tags enabling you to jump from place to place
in a document, open external PDF files (and return), visit Web URLs,
flash up "comment" boxes, and all sort of other things including spawning
other programs (e.g. to show a "movie" clip).

For recent groff see any recent Linux distribution, or visit

For PStill visit

For various information about PDFmarks (and PDF generally) see

For PDFmark reference material see

HTML output from groff is also available (though PDFmarks are silent
in HTML -- use other tags defined for the output format 'html').

Best wishes to all,

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