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Sat Apr 5 16:44:35 CEST 2003

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I am Uyi Ohonba, I am a staff of the bank in the foreign credits 
and bills procurement/debiting department. 
I write this mail with respect to a certain sum of money that has been 
stagnant in our vault for more than 4 years runnning, I would not have 
raised the issue of contacting you if I could have been able to sort this 
out myself, the funds was deposited in the name of a company owned by an expertraite firm that did construction works in Bulevard the Morno in Port novo. 
The company was owned by a Mesuier James gregson, who is an european. I was surmoned by the government to remit all funds that has been redundant over a period of 4 years, it was while going through the files that I came acrross Mesuier James account with a mouth stagering sum of $23.7 million dollars. I decided to contact you because I could not bring myself to remit such funds to an African government that has been most corrupt and left it's citenzenry with little or nothing. 
So I immediately filed an application in the companies name, stating that 
the next of kin has applied for the transfer, hence I would want you to act 
as the next of kin so that we can transfer this funds into your account. 
I would anticipate that you have a question or two to ask, please feel 
free to ask any question you think might better foster a more workable 
I will handle the inside informations, please contact me at the afore 
mentioned email address so as to initiate an immediate procedural 
with kind regards 
Uyi Ohonba

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