[R] Fink-ed R-base 1.6.2's lm() OK on G3 iBook

Ulises Mora Alvarez umalvarez at fata.unam.mx
Thu Apr 3 18:15:04 CEST 2003


As a follow up on fink-ed R running on a G3 iBook:

As some folks suggest, I move from r-base-atlas to r-base using fink. As 
far as I can tell R is working OK now.

Machine: iBook G3 700 MHz
OS: 10.2.4
fink: Package manager version: 0.12.1; Distribution version: 0.5.1.cvs 
Version: R 1.6.2 (2003-01-10).


On Wed, 2 Apr 2003, Peter Muhlberger wrote:

> First, let me thank all the folks who replied, many of which didn't make it
> into the digest.
> The following summarizes their experiences w/ lm on a G3 Mac.  Apparently
> some people have lm in R working w/ apparently the same configuration that
> doesn't work for others:
> Machine             Operating System    R Configuration     Result
> G3 iBook            10.2                Jan's OS X Binary   lm works
> Pbook 500mhz G3     10.2                Jan's OS X Binary   lm fails
> PB 400mhz G3 Pismo  10.2.4              Jan's OS X Binary   lm fails
> Beige G3            OS X                Jan's OS X Binary   lm fails
> Beige G3            OS X                Fink'ed             lm works
> G3 iBook            OS X       Fink'ed r-base-atlas 1.6.1-3 lm fails
> G3 Laptop           OS X?               Carbon rm162.sit    lm works
> G3                  OS X?               Carbon rm162.sit    lm works
> These are responses from the following folks:
> D.G. , David, Peter (me), Steve, Steve, Ulises, Albyn, Martin
> >From the above, the carbon version always seems to work, the finked version
> worked for one person and not the other, and Jan's binary worked for 1
> person but not three others.
> Peter
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