[R] using Rmath standalone

Daniel Falster dfalster at rna.bio.mq.edu.au
Tue Apr 1 03:45:31 CEST 2003

I am a c/c++ programmer attempting to utilise the Rmath library (looks VERY useful). I have downloaded the Rsource and compiled the library as recommened (compiled on windows 98 using the cygwin environment). But whenever i try to use functions from the library i get similar error messages  - 
eg. using the function dnorm(double, double...... etc   ) i get the message : "undefined reference to dnorm4". 

dnorm4 is called by dnorm to implement the function, but for some reason the function isn't being implemented. Can anyone suggest what might be a solution to this? I have tried including all the relevant directories in my compiler path for both inlcude and library files. I don't know what else might eb the problem.

many thanks
Daniel Falster
(biologist attempting to program in a world of non-programmers)

Daniel Falster
Ecology Lab, Biological Sciences
Macquarie University, NSW, 2109
Ph:( 61 2) 9850 8194 Fax: (61 2) 9850 8245

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