[R] Windows XP specific memory problems

Laurens Leerink laurens_leerink at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 1 01:13:06 CEST 2003

Dear R users,

Have been using both R1.6.1 and R1.6.2 under Windows 2000 for some time now w/o
any problems.  We've been upgraded to faster machines running XP, but I've
found that the same version of R with identical command line arguments, script
and data on XP runs out of memory.  

While monitoring the process its clear that on Windows 2000 the memory usage of
Rterm stabilizes at about 750Mb, but on XP it continues to increase until it
fails just over 1.6Gb (as noted in the R for Windows FAQ, the highest value of
--max-mem-size that Rterm seems to accept is 1750M)  Have reproduced the
problem on another XP machine.  Virtual memory size is set to 4Gb (the max) and
the machine has 2Gb of physical memory.

Am curious if anyone else has encountered this problem, or any other
suggestions eg WRT Windows XP specific system parameter defaults that need to
be changed...

Thanks in advance,
Laurens Leerink

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