[R] Crazy plots of time-series against dates

Marco Taboga mtaboga at tiscalinet.it
Tue May 1 18:42:58 CEST 2001

I did what you suggested, but nothing changed. I noticed that, if I display
the plot without first loading the chron library, the plot is OK, but the
dates on the time axis are replaced by sequential numbers.
I send you an attachment with the zipped plot, so you can see it.
Thank you.
Marco Taboga (mtaboga at tiscalinet.it)

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> On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Marco Taboga wrote:
> > I am trying to plot a time series (a stock index) with dates on the
> > x-axis.  If I type: plot(a,b) where a is the vector of dates obtained
> > with chron() and b is the time series, I get a nice plot. If I type:
> > plot(a,b,type="l") to obtain the same plot with a continuous line
> > instead of dots, I get the plot of the time series, but the graph is
> > all scattered with numbers (thousands of numbers everywhere!). What is
> > wrong? Is there a better way to get plots with dates on the x-axis?
> > Thank you.
> >
> The lines are joined in the order than the points are plotted. This is the
> order in the dataset, not the order of the x variable.
> One possibility is
> oo<-order[a]
> plot(a[oo],b[oo],type="l")
> -thomas
> Thomas Lumley Asst. Professor, Biostatistics
> tlumley at u.washington.edu University of Washington, Seattle
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