[R] Huge memory comsumption with foreign and RPgSQL

Timothy H. Keitt Timothy.Keitt at sunysb.edu
Wed Jan 17 16:23:51 CET 2001

I usually import directly into postgresql first and then read the data 
using rpgsql.  In psql, create a table, e.g.,

   create table my_table (col1 int, col2 float, ...)

then format your data as a tab-separated ascii file, one column per 
variable.  In psql,

   \copy my_table from 'filename'


   \g copy my_table from 'filename' using delimiters 'delim' with null 
as 'null string'

Once the data are in postgresql, fire up R and read the tables with rpgsql.


Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

> Perttu Muurimäki <Perttu.Muurimaki at Helsinki.Fi> writes:
>> I know this is something R isn't meant to do well but I tried it anyway :)
>> I have this SPSS-datafile (size 31 MB). When I converted it to a R object
>> with read.spss("datafile.sav") I ended up with a .RData-file which was 229
>> MB big. Is this considered normal?
> Doesn't sound completely unreasonable: If all your fields fit in a
> single byte to begin with and get converted to double in the process,
> you'll have an inflation by a factor of 8. 
>> Then I tried to dump that object into a database with RPgSQL-package
>> function db.write.table(object) (Memory ran out first time I tried to
>> convert SPSS-file into a R-object so I was quite prepared for the
>> database manouvre ; I increased the size of swap (working with linux) to
>> 2500 MB) The process kept going and going and getting bigger and bigger.
>> After 6 hours and 30 minutes I aborted it. At that time the process had
>> grown into 1400 MB:s. Again, is this considered normal? And further more,
>> am I likely to succeed if I'm patient enough?
> This, however, sounds a bit excessive, although I wouldn't know
> exactly what goes on inside RPgSQL... If it is converting every field
> in the entire data frame to string form before sending it to the
> database, then I might understand. Might it be possible to send it in
> smaller blocks?

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