[R] R/Java Omegahat Interface

isabelle Zabalza-Mezghani isabelle.zabalza-mezghani at ifp.fr
Wed Jan 17 11:16:41 CET 2001

Hello R-users,

I am looking for informations about the R/Java package provided by the
Omegahat project, and which is available on the CRAN site (Package -
I've already tried to contact the Omega project (Duncan Temple Lang),
but I'm steel without any answer ...
So, I wonder if somebody has already use this R/Java interface on

In this case, please help me ! How can I get the 0.61 version, and how
can I install it ? (If you know that an older version works, it interest
me too).

Waiting for your help


Isabelle Zabalza-Mezghani.

Isabelle Zabalza-Mezghani          Tel : 01 47 52 61 99
Institut Français du Pétrole       E-mail : isabelle.zabalza-mezghani at ifp.fr
1-4 Av. Bois Preau - Bat Lauriers
92852 Rueil Malmaison Cedex, France

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