[R] Re: A Problem I'm having with R

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Jul 5 11:54:49 CEST 1999

Dear Stuart Washington,

  please ask these kind of questions on the mailing list "R-help"
  to which I am now forwarding.
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Regards : Martin Maechler

    StuW> Dear Sir, I'm having a problem getting R to do a particular
    StuW> action which I know it's likely to be able to perform.  I'm new
    StuW> to programming so I know the answer to this question could range
    StuW> from the very simple to the very complex, but here goes:

    StuW> 	I have a while loop which, in each of its iterations, is
    StuW> supposed to reassign a filename with a number at the end.  I'll
    StuW> illustrate below:

    StuW> M<-function(n,...)
    StuW> {
    StuW>  while(n > 0)
    StuW>  {
    StuW>     fn.[n]<-sample(...)
    StuW>     ###Here, a number n is supposed to be appended to the end of
    StuW>     ###a filename fn
    StuW>     n <- n-1
    StuW>     ###Here, the value of n is decremented by one
    StuW>  }
    StuW>  c(fn.[1:n])
    StuW>  ###Here, all filenames created from the loop which have a number
    StuW>  at the end ranging from 1 through whatever number n is assigned
    StuW>  to (obviously n MUST be an interger) are concatenated into one
    StuW>  matrix.
    StuW> }

    StuW>     I am fully aware that what I've written above has no
    StuW> chance in hell of working in R.  Somehow, there must be a command
    StuW> which will allow me to assign numbers to the end of a file name
    StuW> for each loop iteration. And then a command which will allow me
    StuW> to concatenate them all together.  If you don't have the time to
    StuW> answer this directly, just point me in the direction of a command
    StuW> that will do so.

    StuW> Thank you for your time,
    StuW> Stuart z Washington
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