R-beta: Problem with acepack

guido@sirio.stat.unipd.it guido at sirio.stat.unipd.it
Fri Mar 27 20:53:41 CET 1998

I installed the acepack package under Linux (gcc 2.7.2, R-0.61.1).
Installation without problem. But
sirio[~]% R

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> library(acepack)
> x <- runif(100)
> y <- x + rnorm(100)
> m <- ace(x,y)
Error in .Fortran("mace", p = ncol(x), n = nrow(x), x = t(x), y = y, w = wt,
: C/Fortran function not in load table
> library.dynam("acepack.so")
> m <- ace(x,y)
Segmentation fault

The first problem (not magically loading of the shared
library) is easy to fix. The zzz.R file in acepack/R is
.First.lib <- function(lib, pkg) {
  library.dynam("acepack", pkg, lib)
if (version$minor < "0.62")
but the correct test, at least the one which works on my machine,
should be
if (version$minor < "62.0")

Does someone here has some hints for the second (the segmentation
fault) ?
Thanks in advance.
guido masarotto

ps1. I also tried to link the shared library with libf2c as
     suggested in the makefile but nothing changed.
     BTW, which version of libf2c?
ps2. The avas function works without any problems.     
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