R-beta: R-0.62.3 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Aug 28 13:42:30 CEST 1998

Here's the top of the CHANGES file:

[again, forgot to sync the last changes into my local version....]



    o   preserve factor levels and contrast settings in model objects

    o   factor[...,drop=T] reduces level set

    o   added dblepr, intpr

    o   do_modelmatrix(model.c): Set rownames from data argument.

    o   New generic function preplot().

    o	a new R BATCH interface for non-interactive execution.

    o   added `offline' argument to help() for producing hardcopy via
	latex and dvips.

    o   glm.fit.null now calculates AIC and print.glm.null prints it

    o   effects.lm implemented

    o   new class "mlm" for multivariate "lm", predict.mlm to go with it

    o   "Details" section added to .Rd format

    o   R_PRINTCMD and R_PAPERSIZE can now be set via users' environment,
	overriding setting in startup script.

    o   enhanced identify() 

    o   new function print.coefmat() 

    o   added unix() as .Deprecated("system")

    o   date() replacing system.date()


    o   substitute would re-substitute after expanding ... 

    o   indexing modified object in some cases

    o   sweep should work again on dataframes

    o   minor changes in aov()

    o	builds should now actually work on systems that do not add 
	underscores to Fortran symbols

    o   biplot[.default]() was redundant in "base" package; now only in "mva".

    o	unix(..) now helps the user to find  system(..) instead.

    o   apropos("[") and methods("[") now both work (even though "[" is not
	a valid regular expression).

    o   row.names<-.default now exists. Converts object to data
        frame and then adds row names

    o	codes() now distinguishes between ordered and unordered factors

    o	codes() had *opposite* semantics of Splus. Now it's the same.

    o   replicating factors now yields factors (again)

    o   print.summary.xxx  functions more consistent, using new function

    o   Changed many `T' to `TRUE'  and  `F' to `FALSE' in the base package.

    o   binary operation on 1x1 matrix lost dimension

    o   fix anova.glm for null model

    o   glm.fit.null: ensure df.residual == df.null for a null model

    o   summary.glm: correlations in saturated cases

    o   stat.anova: use match.arg and labeled switch statement

    o   Major cleanup of glm iteration code

    o   Correct reordering of glm coefficients if pivoting

    o   Rownames on contrast matrices

    o   factor() and [.factor preserves class "ordered"

    o   Code rearrangement in predict.lm (avoid unnecessary computation)
        + let rownames through on predictions

    o   model.matrix.default: Initial code to define model frame
        simplified considerably after defaulting data argument to
        sys.frame(sys.parent()).  This also removes the problem where
        data.frame mangles I(x^2) and similar names, so that the
        "reorder" sanity check at the end fails.

    o	The handling of extra FORTRAN libraries (f2c-related and BLAS)
	should now be correct.  Via SHLIBLDFLAGS, add-ons will also be
	linked against these libraries.

    o   Modified makefiles so configure followed by "make distclean"
        should restore the source tree to its original form.

    o   a leftover "colours <- colors" caused trouble when collating
	sequence changes caused files to go into the "base" file in a 
	different order

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