R-beta: R-0.62.3 is released

Peter Dalgaard BSA p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Fri Aug 28 13:38:40 CEST 1998

I have just put R-0.62.3.tgz and R-0.62.2-0.62.3.diff.gz into the FTP
area at Auckland. As usual, do not fetch it from there unless
absolutely urgent, because of the NZ Internet billing system. The
files should get mirrored to the main CRAN site in Vienna tonight and
the rest of CRAN within days.

[And, may I add, the NZ connection is slower than a sloth in a tarpit.
I had turnaround times of up to at least 15s while packaging the

This is a patch release, mainly fixing bugs, but with a few new
features too.

Most likely, this will be the last of the 0.62 series, 0.63 is getting
pretty stable now.

Here's the top of the CHANGES file:



    o   preserve factor levels and contrast settings in model objects

    o   factor[...,drop=T] reduces level set

    o   added dblepr, intpr

    o   do_modelmatrix(model.c): Set rownames from data argument.

    o   New generic function preplot().

    o	A new R BATCH interface for non-interactive execution.

    o   Added `offline' argument to help() for producing hardcopy via
	latex and dvips.

    o   glm.fit.null now calculates AIC and print.glm.null prints it

    o   effects.lm implemented

    o   new class "mlm" for multivariate "lm", predict.mlm to go with it


    o   biplot[.default]() was redundant in "base" package; now only in "mva".

    o	unix(..) now helps the user to find  system(..) instead.

    o   apropos("[") and methods("[") now both work (even though "[" is not
	a valid regular expression).

    o   row.names<-.default now exists. Converts object to data
        frame and then adds row names

    o	codes() now distinguishes between ordered and unordered factors

    o	codes() had *opposite* semantics of Splus. Now it's the same.

    o   replicating factors now yields factors (again)

    o   print.summary.xxx  functions more consistent, using new function

    o   Changed many `T' to `TRUE'  and  `F' to `FALSE' in the base package.

    o   binary operation on 1x1 matrix lost dimension

    o   fix anova.glm for null model

    o   glm.fit.null: ensure df.residual == df.null for a null model

    o   summary.glm: correlations in saturated cases

    o   stat.anova: use match.arg and labeled switch statement

    o   Major cleanup of glm iteration code

    o   Correct reordering of glm coefficients if pivoting

    o   Rownames on contrast matrices

    o   factor() and [.factor preserves class "ordered"

    o   Code rearrangement in predict.lm (avoid unnecessary computation)
        + let rownames through on predictions

    o   model.matrix.default: Initial code to define model frame
        simplified considerably after defaulting data argument to
        sys.frame(sys.parent()).  This also removes the problem where
        data.frame mangles I(x^2) and similar names, so that the
        "reorder" sanity check at the end fails.

    o	The handling of extra FORTRAN libraries (f2c-related and BLAS)
	should now be correct.  Via SHLIBLDFLAGS, add-ons will also be
	linked against these libraries.

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