R-beta: installing new packages in window95 version of R

Thomas Lumley thomas at biostat.washington.edu
Mon Nov 17 17:34:10 CET 1997

On Sun, 16 Nov 1997, Kung-Sik Chan wrote:
> I have tried to install the leaps package in the  window95 version of R.
> I used Microsoft Fortran powerstation to generate 
> the .dll file of the fortran programs in the src dorectory
> of the leaps package and put it under the lib directory of RSept. Then
> I stored the leaps.R under the library directory of RSept, with two
> additional commands in leaps.R (the .R extension was dropped):
> library.dynam("leaps.dll")^M
> provide(leaps)^M

> When I invoked the leaps library, the R functions in the file
> can be printed out. However, when I ran the function, say, leaps(...),
> I got the error message something like the fortran function "makeqr" is not
> in the load table.

As Robert said, the most likely problem is with marking functions for
export. The FORTRAN version of leaps does not use any internal R functions
(the C function may use pow_ii -- I can't remember), so that won't be a
problem.  You can use is.loaded() to see if a C/Fortran function is in the
load table, which is simpler than trying to call the function.

If you find out how to mark functions for export from a DLL and it still
doesn't work then another possibility is that Powerstation uses different
name mangling from what R expects (eg an underscore before or after the
function name). The symbol.F() function will tell you what R thinks the
name should be, and if you build a small, simple DLL and look at it with a
text editor you will find what the DLL thinks the function name is. 
Probably there's a better solution than using a text editor but I'm not up
on Windows programming. 

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