[Rd] RIOT 2019

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Mon Mar 18 09:31:56 CET 2019

I hope you don’t mind us using this mailing list for a small 
advertisement, but we think it is most relevant for this group:

We'd like to invite you to RIOT 2019 - the 4rd workshop on R 
Implementation, Optimization and Tooling [1].

It will take place co-located with, and during, useR! 2019 in Toulouse 
on July 11th. RIOT is an excellent venue for deep technical discussions 
about R implementations, tools, optimizations and extension, and will be 
very interesting for anyone interested in what’s under the hood of R 

Stepan Sindelar, Lukas Stadler (Oracle), Jan Vitek (Northeastern), 
Alexander Bertram (BeDataDriven)

[1] http://riotworkshop.github.io/

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