[Rd] broken link in docs for Binormial functions

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Mon Mar 18 10:16:32 CET 2019

As the topic came up on R-help
  (as side issue in 'density vs. mass for discrete probability functions')
and Rui mentioned this old thread:

I'm taking up this 5.5 years old thread from R-devel:

>>>>> peter dalgaard 
>>>>>     on Sat, 10 Aug 2013 20:34:04 +0200 writes:

    > On Aug 10, 2013, at 20:11 , Prof Brian Ripley wrote:

    >> On 10/08/2013 14:48, Sean O'Riordain wrote:
    >>> On the local documentation page for Binomial, i.e.
    >>> The link to Catherine Loader's paper
    >>> "Catherine Loader (2000). *Fast and Accurate Computation of Binomial
    >>> Probabilities*; available from
    >>> http://www.herine.net/stat/software/dbinom.html."
    >>> appears to be broken.
    >> And what should it be replaced by?  (We've fixed this up at least once before.)
    >> As Berners-Lee says, URIs should be permanent ....

    > It can be dug up via Google Scholar fairly easily, but the link goes to an attachment to an Octave enhancement request!

Fortunately, it's still true that googling still finds the pdf
(made from an original postscript (which I also have)).
However, there's a slightly more current version I've been
keeping in my personal collection which is from 2002 as a Bell
Labs "tech report".
I've put it up here for now:

    > Perhaps we should ask permission to nail the thing down somewhere on r-project.org?

Yes, I think we should do so now, somewhere on  *.r-project.org .

    > -pd

    > (Berners-Lee et al. never foresaw the chaos created by the commercialization of the web, or indeed of other academic infrastructures. Try locating Catherine herself or even the stats department at CWRU to see what I mean.)

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