[Rd] Bug or undocumented behavior in normalizePath() with file system links on windows

David Korfkamp d@v|d@kor|k@mp @end|ng |rom o|||@@de
Thu Jan 24 15:51:39 CET 2019


I discovered a bug or undocumented behavior in normalizePath

steps to reproduce:

execute normalizePath on a folder link on windows. When you are on a 
non-english windows box, you likely have links in place for windows' 
default folders, e.g. "C:\Programme" linking to "C:\Program Files" on 
german windows boxes.

Thus executing 'normalizePath("C:/Programme/R")' results in an "
path[1]="C:/Programme/R": Access is denied" error while 
'normalizePath("C:/Program Files/R")' yields the expected result. Just 
executing executing 'normalizePath("C:/Programme")' however also yields 
the expected result,


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