[Rd] [Rcpp-devel] Windows gcc toolchain for R 3.2.0

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Wed Mar 18 15:55:06 CET 2015


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> Subject: [Rcpp-devel] Windows gcc toolchain for R 3.2.0
> To anyone following the Windows toolchain saga:
> The gcc 4.9.2 toolchain that is currently in Rtools33 has too many
> incompatibilities with existing code, so we won't be using it in the
> R
> 3.2.0 build.  I will soon be uploading to CRAN a new version of
> Rtools33
> that is very similar to Rtools32, containing gcc 4.6.3.
> We are continuing to work on the new toolchain, and hope to have it
> ready before R 3.2.1 is released.

Thanks very much for your work on this.

> The known problems are as follows:
>    - C++ code should not call Rf_error(), as it uses longjmp, and the
> behaviour of longjmp is undefined in C++ when destructors need to be
> called.  However, a number of packages do call Rf_error, and in gcc
> 4.6.3, they get away with it.  In our candidate 4.9.2 build, they
> crashed.  If we can't work around this, I'll suggest that we test for
> the presence of Rf_error in C++ code, and start issuing warnings or
> errors when it is seen.  But before we do that, we need a solid
> replacement.
>   - There are some other crashes that appear to be unrelated, also
>   with
> C++ code.
>   - There are some subtle differences in arithmetic that result in
>   tests
> failing.  These may be due to bugs in MinGW-w64 code,
> or may be unavoidable.

Is it not considered a "known problem" that C++ libraries linked against by R packages need to be rebuilt with g++ 4.9.2 in order for the R packages to install/load?

Thanks again,

> Duncan Murdoch
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