[Rd] R CMD build failure

Charles C. Berry ccberry at ucsd.edu
Thu Jul 9 20:31:21 CEST 2015

On Thu, 9 Jul 2015, Therneau, Terry M., Ph.D. wrote:

> I have a local library 'dart' that imports "httr".

[snip `R CMD build' can't find dart]

> Any ideas?  There is no mention in the Writing R Extentions manual that it 
> ignores the 
> Rprofile file.


>From WRE:

1.3 Checking and building packages


Note: R CMD check and R CMD build run R processes with --vanilla in which 
none of the user’s startup files are read. If you need R_LIBS set (to find 
packages in a non-standard library) you can set it in the environment: 
also you can use the check and build environment files (as specified by 
the environment variables R_CHECK_ENVIRON and R_BUILD_ENVIRON; if unset, 
files33 ~/.R/check.Renviron and ~/.R/build.Renviron are used) to set 
environment variables when using these utilities.

And from ?Startup

The command-line option --vanilla implies --no-site-file, --no-init-file, 
--no-environ and (except for R CMD) --no-restore



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