[Rd] R_Visible for embedded R, version 2.13.2

暮如雪 snowyfox at 163.com
Wed Apr 15 11:15:48 CEST 2015


     I am embedding R in a C++ application, and if I use R.dll of version 3.1.2, I can see R_Visible is exported, so I can access this variable in my C++ code, after call:
     SEXP pRes = OR_INVOKE(R_tryEval)(VECTOR_ELT(pEval, 0), OR_VAR(R_GlobalEnv), &nError);

    I use "if(R_Visible)" to decide whether I need to call PrintValue(pRes) to echo the result in my application.

    But in R.dll of version 2.13.2, R_Visible is not an exported symbol, and I can not access it with GetProcAddress(), I wonder whether there is any workaround to decide if I need to call PrintValue() to display the result.

   BTW: I see there is a workaround to query R_FunTab table to decide whether need to call PrintValue, yet this symbol is not exported in R.dll of version 2.13.2....
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