[Rd] Embedded R with interactive support

暮如雪 snowyfox at 163.com
Wed Apr 15 03:40:45 CEST 2015

      I am embedding R in my C++ application, when I try to evaluate(""demo(image)"), and run this command, it show a new window to display a multiple frames image, yet it just flash to the last frame, I have no chance to view other frames.

      I see if I run in the RGUI application, it seems it called GA_NewFrameConfirm(), and wait for a keyboard/mouse event to display next frame. I search in R source code, and it seems depends on how the device got inited, see in GADeviceDriver, the "clickToConfirm" argument. Since I have no idea of how to debug into R(I try to build R from source on windows, yet fail with errors, fail to build R.dll, I think it would be better if someone could tell me how to get R.pdb(for R-3.1.2)), is there any start up arguments for Rf_initEmbeddedR to enable this feature? Thanks.

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