[Rd] Latex errors (build on windows)

Yihui Xie xie at yihui.name
Sat May 24 21:13:03 CEST 2014

You do not need to feel so bad. No one was born an expert (even an
expert may not be able to find the relevant information in a
subsection of an appendix in a certain manual among numerous
hyperlinks). The sky is not going to falling down, and the earth is
not going to explode just because you do not know how to install a
LaTeX package. I'm pretty sure you are not the only one who was
puzzled by inconsolata.sty, and I believe this will continue to
confuse more in the future.

Unless one has LaTeX vignettes, the Rd PDF manual is normally the only
place where LaTeX is required in an R Package. Personally I do not
think this LaTeX dependency is worth it, comparing the relatively
small gain and the great effort to learn LaTeX as well as the
toolchain. It will be nice if the PDF manual can be optional for CRAN
and R CMD check. Biologists, doctors, and other scientists may spend
their time on more valuable things than learning LaTeX. Just my 2

P.S. Just in case this should be misunderstood: 1. I do appreciate the
value of LaTeX; 2. I'm grateful to the effort that R core made in the
manuals; 3. There are people who are busy with test tubes and
bacteria, and they also need sleep.

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On Sat, May 24, 2014 at 7:19 AM, Hualei Kong <khl0798 at 163.com> wrote:
> Dear Prof Brian Ripley:
>      I am very sorry for that I use the unappropriate words "It's my great
> pleasure" when I read this mail again! I give my apology sincerely to you
> ,unreservedly and with my heart!
>      You are such a warm-hearted man.And you help me to solve my
> problems.But owing to  my poor English, I found I had made such a foolish
> mistake. My brain must have been stupid at that time . I hope you can
> forgive my carelessness and this will not affect your work.
>      I feel ashamed of myself.And this may be brought bad influences on my
> university as well as my country.I hope you won't have a bad impression on
> my country's students. From now on,aparting from learning R language,I will
> strengthen my English learning.And this will be a lesson for me.
>      Hope you could  forgive me! And I hope I can continue to learn from
> you.I request you can give me a chance,I will never make such a mistake !
>      Best wishes! I am looking forword to you reply!
>     Hualei Kong

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