[Rd] Writing my first CRAN vignette

Prof Brian Ripley ripley at stats.ox.ac.uk
Sun May 18 15:57:08 CEST 2014

On 18/05/2014 13:33, Michael Dewey wrote:
> In fact my first vignette full stop.
> I am intending to use Sweave. I have read the Sweave documentation and
> section 1.4 of the extensions manual and apart from (a) do not use split
> = TRUE (b) and include all the source components, there does not seem to
> be anything CRAN specific.
> 1 - Am I missing some other documentation?

There is no such thing as a 'CRAN vignette'.  These days all 
(non-internal-to-CRAN) CRAN-specific documentation is in the CRAN policies.

> 2 - If I use a package from CTAN would that be considered within the
> spirit if not the letter of open source? I am not asking for trained
> legal advice here, it is the spirit of the rules.

Provided it is available to people to reproduce things if the package 
uses a FOSS licence.

> 3 - I assume including the .bbl file would be fine rather than making a
> separate .bib file?

No.  We have seen .bbl files which no longer worked after a TeXLive 
update, and with a FOSS licence you need to supply the sources (and 
normally the .bib file is the source).

> I am not envisaging doing anything complex: text, formulae, some tables
> and one figure plus a few references.
> Michael Dewey
> info at aghmed.fsnet.co.uk
> http://www.aghmed.fsnet.co.uk/home.html

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