[Rd] R-forge, package dependencies

Nick Sabbe nick.sabbe at ugent.be
Tue Jan 15 21:34:52 CET 2013

I have exactly the same issue with a pair of my packages on R-Forge.
I've already notified Stefan, but I mentioned it wasn't urgent for  me :)

It must have something to do with the R check using a different environment
than the build...

So good hunting, Stefan!

Nick Sabbe
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On 15.01.2013 20:47, Thomas Lumley wrote:
> I have a project on R-forge (sqlsurvey.r-forge.r-project.org) with two 
> packages, RMonetDB and sqlsurvey.
> At the moment, sqlsurvey is listed as failing to build.  The error is 
> on the Linux package check, which says that RMonetDB is not available:
> * checking package dependencies ... ERROR Package required but not 
> available: 'RMonetDB'
> RMonetDB has built successfully: r-forge lists its status as 
> 'current', with Linux, Windows, and Mac packages available for 
> download.  The package check for sqlsurvey on Windows and Mac finds 
> RMonetDB without any problems, it's just on Linux that it appears to be
> Any suggestions for how to fix this? I've tried uploading a new 
> version of RMonetDB, but the situation didn't change: it built 
> successfully, but the Linux check of sqlsurvey still couldn't find it.

I think you have to ask Stefan to check the details.


>      -thomas
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