[Rd] --as-cran and need to ignore.svn directories

Jari Oksanen jari.oksanen at oulu.fi
Mon Mar 12 17:59:45 CET 2012

On 12/03/2012, at 18:03 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:

> Good morning:
> I submitted a package update to CRAN and got a bounce because I had
> not run R CMD check with "--as-cran".  I'd not heard of that before,
> but I'm glad to know about it now.
> I see it warns when my functions do use partial argument matching, and
> I like that advice very much.
> Also I see this warning
> * checking package subdirectories ... WARNING
> Found the following directory(s) with names of version control directories:
>  ./.svn
>  ./R/.svn
>  ./data/.svn
>  ./inst/.svn
>  ./inst/doc/.svn
>  ./inst/examples/.svn
>  ./vignettes/.svn
> These should not be in a package tarball.
> Is there a way to cause R to ignore the .svn folders while running R
> CMD check --as-cran or R CMD build?
> It seems a little tedious to have to copy the whole directory tree to
> some other place and remove the .svn folders before building. I can do
> it, but it just seems, well, tedious. I have the feeling that you
> "frequent flyers"  would have worked around this already.


I think the best solution is to 'svn export' svn directory to a temporary directory/folder:

svn export my-svn-directory tmp-pkg-directory
R CMD build tmp-pkg-directory
R CMD check --as-cran ...

The two advantages of 'svn export' that it (1) strips the .svn specific files, and (2) it really exports only those files that really are under version control. More often than once I have had some non-svn files in my svn directory so that *my* version of the package works, but the one actually in subversion fails.

Cheers, Jari Oksanen 

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