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I know you mentioned you just set this up on r-forge, but I think
using something like github works better in "these types" of

The ability for an external entity to clone a repository, change it,
provide the patch via a "pull request" I think is great.

You (as the project owner) can also comment on the pull request (in
general, or on a line by line basis), allowing it to be refined

You can then easily pull in the code change to your repo if you deem
it to be up to snuff.

This way, people can quite actively take part in your project without
being "full fledged committers." When someone crosses your "threshold
of trust" ... say you you know/believe that heir code changes are
inline w/ your vision and your standards (or whatever your line might
be), you can also easily give them full commit access to your project
so you don't have to do the pull request/review dance, etc.

You of course lose r-forge's cross platform building ability, but you
may get the same by taking advantage of git's ability to "talk to"
subversion repos and push your git repo to the r-forge's subversion
repo when you are ready to submit to CRAN and take advantage of
r-forge's automated building and submission mojo.

My 2 cents,

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