[Rd] NOTE: unstated dependencies in examples

Michael Friendly friendly at yorku.ca
Wed Oct 12 18:33:12 CEST 2011

Using R 2.13.1, I am now getting the following NOTE when I run R CMD 
check on my HistData

* checking for unstated dependencies in examples ... NOTE
'library' or 'require' calls not declared from:
   gplots sp

Under R 2.12.x, I didn't get these notes.

I have ~ 25 .Rd files in this package, and AFAICS, every example uses 
library or require for the
functions used;  the DESCRIPTION file has the long list of Suggests, 
which previously was sufficient
for packages used in examples.

Suggests: gtools, KernSmooth, maps, ggplot2, proto, grid, reshape, plyr, 
lattice, ReadImages, car

But I have no way to find the .Rd file(s) that triggered this note.

  What is the tool used in R CMD check to make this diagnosis?  It would 
be better
if this reported the .Rd file(s) that triggered this note.
Is it possible that this note could be specious?


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