[Rd] Source for bash_completion.d/R?

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue May 3 01:10:04 CEST 2011

On 2 May 2011 at 11:32, Sharpie wrote:
| Hello, I was just tweaking the R build for the Homebrew package manager and I
| thought it would be nice to enable bash completion. I noticed that
| Debian-based systems install `/etc/bash_completion.d/R` but could not find a
| source for this file in the `etc` folder of the R source.

Right. This started off via a suggestion by Deepayan and a quick install via
a local-to-Debian-package-sources file, and has never moved away from that.

I am CCing Deepayan now; it may indeed be useful to commit this in the R svn
and to add it to the tarball as the feature is very, very useful if you
deplay bash completion.

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