[Rd] wcstombs error when compiling package with Debian/Ubuntu

cstrato cstrato at aon.at
Wed Feb 10 22:40:17 CET 2010

Dear Dirk,

Thank you for your fast reply.

I am afraid that a small self-contained example will not solve the 
problem, since in this example I would need to add "#include 
<stdlib.h>", and as you can see from:
adding "#include <stdlib.h>" to some C++ *.cxx files did solve the problem.

The question is, why did this user need to add "#include <stdlib.h>" on 
Debian, while this is not necessary on OpenSUSE11.1 and MacOS X?

Best regards

Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> Christian,
> On 10 February 2010 at 22:02, cstrato wrote:
> | Dear Debian/Ubuntu experts,
> | 
> | For the second time users of my BioC package reported problems when 
> | trying to compile it on Debian/Ubuntu.
> | 
> | The error is always the same: "'wcstombs' was not declared in this 
> | scope", see:
> | https://www.stat.math.ethz.ch/pipermail/bioconductor/2010-February/031739.html
> | https://stat.ethz.ch/pipermail/bioconductor/2009-August/029192.html
> | 
> | Since I have no problems compiling my package on OpenSUSE11.1, MacOS X 
> | and WinXP, I assume that maybe some development package may not be 
> | installed?
> | 
> | Do you know what might be the reason for the compilation error on 
> | Debian/Ubuntu?
> | Which development headers/packages (glibc-headers, glibc-kernheaders??) 
> | need to be installed on Debian/Ubuntu?
> There is a dedicated list for Debian / Ubuntu called r-sig-debian which is a
> better target for such questions.
> I have never encountered or knowingly used wcstombs, though I do have a
> manual page for it.  Could you provide a small self-contained example that
> works for you to see if I can build it?
> Dirk

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