[Rd] Canberra distance

Ben Bolker bolker at ufl.edu
Mon Feb 8 01:44:52 CET 2010

 <Bill.Venables <at> csiro.au> writes:

> That is interesting.  The first of these, namely
> sum(|x_i - y_i|) / sum(x_i + y_i)
> is now better known in ecology as the Bray-Curtis distance.  Even more
interesting is the typo in Henry &
> Stevens "A Primer of Ecology in R" where the Bray Curtis distance formula is
actually the Canberra
> distance  (Eq. 10.2 p. 289).  There seems to be a certain slipperiness of
definition in this field.

  Actually, the author is M. H. Henry (Hank) Stevens, not "Henry & Stevens" ...

  Ben Bolker

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