[Rd] readline operate-and-get-next

Rafael Laboissiere rafael.laboissiere at inserm.fr
Sun Aug 8 20:55:29 CEST 2010

Okay, I could not refrain myself and implemented the change in
src/unix/sys-std.c.  The patch is attached below.  I tested it in the
2.11.1 source and it worked fine.  At any rate, the patch applies cleanly
to the SVN source.

Three notes about this patch:

1. The code is taken from the bash source (bashline.c) with minimal
2. The changes are put inside #ifdef HAVE_READLINE_HISTORY_H, because
   it uses history related functions.
3. In the call to rl_add_defun, the operate-and-get-next function is
   bound to C-o.  This is not the behavior of Bash and Octave, which
   depends on the user to define the key binding in ~/.inputrc.  To
   mimic this behavior, the code should be rather:

   rl_add_defun ("operate-and-get-next", operate_and_get_next, -1);

Best regards,

Rafael Laboissiere

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael.laboissiere at inserm.fr> [2010-08-07 13:07]:

> Both Bash and Octave have a nifty addition to the readline library called
> "operate-and-get-next", bound to "C-o".  This function accepts the
> current line for execution and fetch the next line relative to the
> current line from the history for editing (see
> http://www.faqs.org/docs/bashman/bashref_101.html).
> This feature has a huge impact in my productivity using Bash and Octave
> interactively, since it avoids those numerous arrow key strokes in order
> to rerun a previous block of commands. 
> I looked at the Bash sources and it does not seem too complicate to
> implement.  Octave has borrowed practically the same code from Bash.
> Before I start looking at the R code, I would like to know whether the R
> developers had already planned to include the operate-and-get-next
> feature into R.
> Best regards,
> Rafael Laboissiere
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