[Rd] unit testing for R packages?

Paul Gilbert pgilbert at bank-banque-canada.ca
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I should look at RUnit more carefully sometime, but having had my own system in place from much earlier, I've never made the move. Basically I just use files in the tests/ directory which are run by a makefile in the package directory above. Roughly, this just means that I can run the tests quickly before building and checking the package. Is there a (very short) explanation of the main things that RUnit gives beyond this?


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> Hi,
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> > I'm interested in putting some unit tests into an R package I'm
> > building.  I have seen assorted things such as Runit library, svUnit
> > library, packages
> > with 'tests' directories, etc
> >
> > I grep'd "unit test" through the writing R extensions manual but
> didn't find
> > anything.  Are there any suggestions out there?  Currently I have
> > several (a lot?) classes/methods that I keep tinkering with, and I'd
> > like to run a script frequently to check that I don't cause any
> > unforeseen problems.
> I've had good experiences using RUnit.  To date, I've mostly used
> RUnit by putting tests in inst/unitTests and creating a Makefile there
> to run the tests.  You should also be able to use RUnit in a more
> interactive fashion inside an interactive R session in which you are
> doing development.
> The vignette in svUnit has an interesting approach for integrating
> unit testing into R CMD check via examples in an Rd file within the
> package.
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