[Rd] Recommendations for a quick UI.

Alex Bokov bokov at uthscsa.edu
Mon Jun 1 07:24:58 CEST 2009

Hi. This is my first post to this list, I seem to be graduating to from 
the r-help list. :-)

I'm trying to wrap my R package in a GUI such that when the user 
launches the app, they see my GUI window and never interact with the R 
console at all. I don't have any fancy requirements for the GUI itself-- 
all it needs to do is collect input from the user and pass the input as 
arguments to an R function, which writes the results to a file.

I read the R Extensions Manual section about GUIs, and it seems like 
overkill to write the thing in a compiled language and link against R as 
a library when there are dozens of different interpreted cross-platform 
GUI toolkits out there. Does anybody know of any functioning examples of 
packages (or other add-ons) with GUIs that run R silently in the 
background which I can study? Do they use the "R CMD BATCH" mechanism, 
or something else?


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