[Rd] \description in Rd files

Robin Hankin rksh1 at cam.ac.uk
Mon Jan 5 12:59:18 CET 2009

Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> I think you meant \describe ....
> On Mon, 5 Jan 2009, Robin Hankin wrote:
>> Hi
>> The aylmer package generates a warning (under R-2.9.0) for an Rd file 
>> which I think is OK.
>> The package is clean under R-2.8.1.
> Did you actually look at the help under 2.8.1: it is I am sure not 
> what you intended?  Oops ....

Ouch.   aylmer.dvi  looks fine under  R-2.8.1 but indeed the text 
versions are not as intended.

I guess that the machinery for text documentation is less tolerant of  
inappropriate LaTeX-isms.

All works fine with \describe in place of \description.

thanks again


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