[Rd] License status of CRAN packages

Ben Goodrich goodrich at fas.harvard.edu
Thu Apr 23 22:59:29 CEST 2009

Dirk Eddelbuettel <edd <at> debian.org> writes:
> As a non-exhautive list with possible misclassifications, cran2deb currently
> has these packasges as 'maybe not free' and does not build them:
>      BARD,BayesDA,CoCo,ConvCalendar,FAiR,PTAk,RScaLAPACK,Rcsdp,SDDA,SGP,
>      alphahull,ash,asypow,caMassClass,gpclib,mapproj,matlab,mclust,mclust02,
>      mlbench,optmatch,rankreg,realized,rngwell19937,rtiff,rwt,scagnostics,
>      sgeostat,spatialkernel,tlnise,xgobi

Small point: FAiR is free. The file LICENSE thing just clarifies that most of
the code is AGPL but a couple files can't be included under the AGPL and are
plain GPL. As far as I can see, R does not give me the option of saying so in a
"standard" way, e.g. putting License: AGPL (>= 3) in the DESCRIPTION file would
only be 95% accurate and putting License: AGPL (>= 3) | GPL (>= 3) is misleading.


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