[Rd] R-2.7.0 RC (2008-04-20 r45403) fails fullcheck

apjaworski at mmm.com apjaworski at mmm.com
Mon Apr 21 22:11:04 CEST 2008

A strange thing happened.  After installing the most recent RC version of
2.7 (2008-04-20 r45403) I compiled it as usual with no errors.  After
installing it I ran "make fullcheck".  I got as far as testing recommended
packages and I got the following:

-------- Testing package foreign --------
Running examples in 'foreign-Ex.R' ...
Comparing `foreign-Ex.Rout' to `foreign-Ex.Rout.prev' ...OK
Running specific tests
  Running `S3.R'
  Comparing `S3.Rout' to `S3.Rout.save' ...OK
  Running `arff.R'
  Comparing `arff.Rout' to `arff.Rout.save' ...OK
  Running `minitab.R'
  Comparing `minitab.Rout' to `minitab.Rout.save' ...OK
  Running `octave.R'
  Comparing `octave.Rout' to `octave.Rout.save' ...OK
  Running `sas.R'
make[2]: *** [sas.Rout] Error 1
make[1]: *** [tests] Error 2
make: *** [pkgcheck-foreign] Error 2

This also happens when I just run "make check-recommended".

The thing is that if I start-up the just installed version of R, change
directory to R-rc/src/library/foreign/tests and source the sas.R script,
everything works fine.  Also when I do

Rcmd.exe BATCH sas.R

things seem to be normal, i.e., I just get the prompt back after a short

I am on Windows XP professional SP2.  My machine is a core-duo Xeon

Hope this helps,


Andy Jaworski
Process Laboratory
3M Corporate Research Laboratory
E-mail: apjaworski at mmm.com
Tel:  (651) 733-6092
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