[Rd] tests Rin and Rout

Tobias Verbeke tobias.verbeke at telenet.be
Sat Apr 5 11:57:53 CEST 2008

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
> Christophe Genolini wrote:
>>> hmm, I see 219 out 1378 CRAN packages having a 'tests'
>>> subdirectory, so it seems you have been a bit unlucky. ;-)
>> Luck has probably nothing related with my failure.
>> I just try to look in packages recommanded by Pr Brian Ripley (like 
>> codetools, foreign, lattice)
>> and I did not find any tests directories. So either I am not looking in 
>> the right place, or tests are
>> not including in the package for windows. Any idea?
> Aha... That would explain it, yes. It is only in the _source_ package 
> and not installed.
> [pd at titmouse2 ISWR]$ ls ISwR/
> CVS  data  DESCRIPTION  inst  man  R  tests  TITLE
> [pd at titmouse2 ISWR]$ ls ~/Rlibrary/ISwR/
> CONTENTS  DESCRIPTION  html   latex  Meta  rawdata  scripts
> data      help         INDEX  man    R     R-ex
> [pd at titmouse2 ISWR]$ grep -i version  ISwR/DESCRIPTION
> Version: 2.0-0
> [pd at titmouse2 ISWR]$ grep -i version  ~/Rlibrary/ISwR/DESCRIPTION
> Version: 2.0-0

For the record (and similarly to what Martin Maechler mentioned 
previously in this thread) it is perfectly possible to include a 
$R_PKG_ROOT/inst/unitTests directory (or similar) with tests. This will 
make sure the directory is included in binary (and installed) packages 
as well. Open the Windows binary package zip file for RSQLite, for example.

Kind regards,

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