[Rd] Cairo device in dev.copy2eps

Washington Leite Junger wjunger at ims.uerj.br
Tue Nov 20 21:28:44 CET 2007

Sorry for the confusion.
The Cairo device I made reference to is the one implemented in the
cairoDevice package.
Its relation to the RGtk2 package is due to the straightforward manner
the Cairo device (in cairoDevice) can be embedded in the applications
developed using RGtk2.

Thanks for the satisfactory reply.


Prof Brian Ripley wrote:
> It is not as simple as that.  There are two Cairo devices, neither in
> package RGtk2.  That in package Cairo is not by default a screen
> device (it defaults to type="png").  CairoX11 and CairoWin are screen
> devices.
> OTOH, package cairoDevice has a device called Cairo that defaults to a
> screen device but need not be.
> Please do mention packages when you talk about non-base functions to
> avoid this sort of confusion.
> It seems a better solution is to ask the current device, which will be
> done in R 2.7.0.
> On Mon, 19 Nov 2007, wjunger at ims.uerj.br wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>> It would be nice to have Cairo device included in dev.copy2eps() in
>> order to avoid RGtk2 developers to use a hacked version of the function.
>> I was arealdy done in dev.print().
> What does this have to do with RGtk2?
>> Best regards.
>> Washington
>> R 2.6.0
>> OS Kubuntu 7.10
>> kernel 2.6.22

Washington Leite Junger
wjunger at ims.uerj.br
Departamento de Epidemiologia
Instituto de Medicina Social
Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

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