[Rd] vignettes and papers

Achim Zeileis Achim.Zeileis at wu-wien.ac.at
Fri Nov 2 15:58:36 CET 2007


> Lots of my packages have been the subject of
> journal articles either in JSS or Rnews or (in one
> case) elsewhere.
> I would like to add these articles
> to my packages as vignettes.
> Reproducing the papers exactly requires a number
> of files [such as style files or PDFs] to be included in
>   the inst/doc directory to pass R CMD check.
> A vanilla .Rnw file seems to be a good idea,
> but loses some of the nice JSS typesetting.
> What is Best Practice here?
> And are there ethical or other issues that I should
> be aware of  before including copies of Rnews
> or JSS papers verbatim in an R package?

There are two separate issues here:
  1. Using jss.cls
     This is ok, as long as the vignette is completely
     identical with the published paper. But as some details of a
     vignette might be modified/extended/corrected/enhanced, I typically
     remove the JSS header and instead include a comment like
        A previous version to this introduction to the
        R package zoo has been published as Zeileis
        and Grothendieck (2005) in the Journal of Statistical
     in the vignette. See
       vignette("zoo", package = "zoo")
     If you want a .cls file that provides the same commands as jss.cls
     but without the JSS header and footer, see Z.cls at
  2. Including style files in the package
     Checking whether the LaTeX sources can be compiled wasn't done
     until recently and now leads to a notification. Because I'm using
     the same infrastructure (typically Z.cls) in all of my packages,
     I don't want to maintain them in each of my packages additionally
     and currently don't supply them within the R package. My personal
     opinion is that this is not so much of a problem because people
     want to work with the R code and not the LaTeX code...but, obviously,
     there is some tension in this. Just my EUR 0.02.


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